Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plans and Projects...

The last couple weeks have been on the hectic and busy side- I feel like I've been trying to cram in more than usual...although that has also included fun time with friends and fitting in a short run every couple of days (only because I can't do a long run yet!). For that reason, not a whole lot of new work has resulted from me in the last few days...but I have been glazing, and enough to fire the kiln today so there will be some restocking of the website happening this week.

So even though there's not so much new from me, I have a knockout bracelet to share made by Dawn of Northern Adornments... I love that she was able to find a matte finish wire for her Viking Knit to pair with the Spruce bracelet bar. Check out how perfect that weave is!

Despite my busy bee-ness this week I have managed to spend endless chunks of time fabric hunting online. After my visit to the wonderful fabric/yarn/book/gift shop a couple of weeks ago with my neighbor where I picked up some super funky fabric, I decided that I needed to dust off the sewing machine again. The amazing fabric (which I can't find a pic of online so you'll just have to wait for the finished product!) is destined for a super cute apron using this pattern... I think I might change up the pocket a bit and go for a smaller, side pocket instead of a large centered one though. Also while at The Grove, I discovered Amy Butler's Style Stitches book with the most adorable mix of handbag patterns.

I was so smitten with this particular bag...that I decided to take a huge leap of faith in my novice sewing skills and give it a shot! I chose this amazing peacock pattern for the outside of the bag... and this pretty design for the interior. The bag pattern includes dividers to keep everything organized inside so I'll be using a nice grass green in the background color of the interior fabric. The biggest challenge was finding home decor fabrics that I loved in the same online shop as the trim fabric for my apron! The purse fabric is a little trickier to locate as it needs to be 54" wide instead of the usual quilting/apparel width of 44-45". Luckily I was able to find what I needed at I still need to pick up the supporting materials for the handbag. I may have to procrastinate on it for a little while though to work up the nerve!

Just a quick reminder that my CSN stores contest is still running until Thursday so if you haven't entered, hop over to that post to comment!


  1. I really can't wait to see that bag!

  2. everything looks great! i am dying for a cute apron - but that bag looks wonderful! have fun...

  3. I can't wait to see your new creations...I love the fabric choices. Gorgeous bracelet too!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the new apron and bag - I love Amy Butler patterns and fabric - so cheery, must go dust off my sewing machine too :)

  5. Ooooh, can't wait to see this new bag you are sewing!

  6. The bracelet is over-the-top incredible! I absolutely love it! It must be so cool to see the beautiful creations made from your components!
    LOVE the fabric you chose - some of my favorite color combinations!!

  7. Her fabric just makes me drool - and I'm not a great sewist and would like to also buy that book - you have to show it off when your done!

  8. That Viking knit in the colored wire is TOO COOL!!! Brilliant with your focal.

    Love your fabric choices. Hope you enjoy sewing! Just remember sewing machine oil is your friend.

  9. lol, that bracelet was lovely. It looks hippie to me. I really love collecting bracelet, my room was like a little bracelet kingdom. They are my inspiration and my reason why I have to work had. I saved money just to buy them. Lol!
    Anyway, please continue posting and please have some more photos of bracelets.


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