Friday, November 12, 2010

The Little Things...

that can make my day... On Monday morning driving in the rain I was able to take this (totally legal and not dangerous at all) picture from my phone to catch a stunning double rainbow. I was actually worried I was going to end up in a car crunch because I was so distracted staring out my side window! Not only did this stunning rainbow turn out to be fully visible as a complete arch at one point, even more astounding was a first for me...the end of the rainbow was not only visible, it ended at the side of the freeway! pot of gold on this one... but I don't need it, I have these yummy beads from Kelley instead! She hooked me up when she was here last weekend... Not sure how long I'll hold on to this pretty little egg and trio of headpins before I put them to work! Now, on to the last kiln load now up on the website... I managed to sneak in a couple more stoneware pendants with my newest glaze...Plus a pair of little bumpy bead caps... and some new drippy branch pendants...Next post, a super delicious recipe for a snack that's just too easy (and good for you...unlike the leftover Halloween M&Ms cookies I baked up tonight!) to pass up! So what have you done with all your leftover candy?


  1. Those bumpy beadcaps are gorgeous and so is your new glaze. You are right, little things add up nicely to make life wonderful.

  2. I am LOVING those glazes!!! And that double rainbow was absolutely awesome!

    What about the recipe for that sinfully delicious chocolate dessert? :D

  3. See a double rainbow is such a special moment (glad you didn't crash or you wouldn't be able to make such lovely beads!)
    Kristin :)

  4. my kids are eating it!
    i really love the bumpy bead caps...
    that double rainbow is the coolest! i thought i was lucky to see end-to-end rainbows twice in one week last month... with colors so vivid you saw each and every one (and you captured that in your picture)... but a double? i am so glad you took the shot... and glad you didn't end up compromising your driving!

  5. Such pretty stuff. Gaaaaa Halloween candy......

    Well first the kids rifle thru it....then my husband and I rifle thru it.....then the Halloween fairy comes for the leftovers and recycles them for next year....or maybe she gives it to the elves....wait a minute....I bet she eats it herself...well that's just greedy.

    LOL - Happy Wednesday!

  6. I love the new glaze on the round pendant. Very nice! Almost Goth. ;)

    As for that rainbow, I have never seen one end before. That is gorgeous!


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