Friday, November 05, 2010

A Little Fun...

planned for this weekend! If you follow Kelley's blog you know she's on her way to sunny San Diego for a visit (well, it's been sunny this week...they say we're might have drizzle on the hiss!).

It seems like almost all of my beady buddies are waaaay to the East, so I was just thrilled when Kelley told me a while ago that she would be coming to my neck of the woods to visit a friend who was about to have a baby. I didn't hold out too much hope that we'd get a good chunk of hang out time but then she emailed to say she'd be here and free for almost the whole weekend! If there's one thing I love love love, it's playing tour guide. Especially for someone who is interested in beady and artistic things! Now, since she's put it out in the world I know I have to stick to my promises... (even though she didn't find a way to pack Little Horse for me) I've promised:
her toes will touch sand (although it might be super chilly)

her ears will listen to the Pacific (and it will most certainly be wonderful)

her eyes will see sea lions (and her nose will smell them!)

her feet will walk for a cure (and she'll get to go out for brunch after...and maybe even sit in my mack daddy massage chair later)

she will eat good (make that totally freakin' amazing) Mexican food (in a super awesome kitschy setting)

she WILL NOT end up at Taco Bell if "restaurant A" falls through due to recent publicity (dang that Man vs Food episode re-airing yesterday)

she will get her fill of Balboa Park and the Artists' Village (somehow in the 10+ yrs in SD I haven't made it to the Village...pretty sad)

she will meet pupper Nana (but she must keep her mouth shut about the state of my "studio" space...I'm not kidding about this...there might be a waiver/confidentiality agreement signed...she'll even get to meet hubster)

I think there will be a couple of good fun outing surprises along the way too but I'm not going to put a spoiler out there! Despite the fact that I feel like I'm going through a particularly non-photogenic phase, I promise that we will have lots of photos of our funness to share!

Now on the topic of our walking for the cure...for the second year in a row I'm walking with the Babes for Boobs team in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure. I've done an abysmal job of fundraising this year so I'm going to totally copy Kelley's approach and after you've headed over to her for your lampwork if you want some ceramic goodies too you can get 10% of the amount you donate via my fundraising page off your next order with me! Just make the donation online with your name identified and send me an email with the amount...I'll send you a code to use on my website for your donation discount!

Okey Dokey, some new pics to share from the kiln load this week... Tell me you love this glaze (because I totally dig it!). Some more of my new Branches series... A set of beads in that same yummy delish glaze as the first pendant... A single bead cap with the itty bitty beading detail...only one because I busted everything else that matched it :( A pair of bumpy bead caps, kind of urchiney aren't they? Last but not least, a pendant and matching beads in my new Turtle Green glaze... Stop back on by later this weekend for fun touristy pics!
So what do YOU have planned for this weekend?


  1. OH M~! Sooo jealous, you are going to have the best time! Kelley is just one of the coolest peops I know!
    Give her a hug for me when you see her.
    I loooove that first pendant glaze! just gorgeous!

  2. Have a FABULOUS time with Kelley! She seems like such a great person to be around... I LOVE reading her blog and seeing her BEAUTIFUL creations. And yours are equally as BEAUTIFUL!
    Some day SOON I will start making my ceramic beads... after I fill my many mug orders...


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