Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Good News...

Kelley is definitely NOT an axe murderer! I found it more than a little amusing that she hopped in my car and immediately called Todd to let him know that I'm not either! Of course once hubster discovered that Kelley has the exact camera he's been coveting, it wouldn't have mattered if she was an axe murderer, she automatically became the coolest person I could have brought home!

What a fun weekend it was... We went from the airport to drop Kelley's bag at the hotel (and so I could check the closet for her to make sure no one was lurking...it's what I do...) then straight to La Jolla to get her to the ocean!

The toes...well, for Kelley, the clogs went in the sand...
We saw the seals and I calculated how close I needed to stand to grab Kelley's backpack if she started to go over the edge! We saw tidepool critters like this anemone (my current inspiration to create a version in clay!) and I got a peek at an octopus tucked down in a rock crevice...which wasn't going to become inspiration unless someone wants an octopus pendant? We heard waves crash and saw what happens to kelp at low tide... And Kelley was ever so obliging at posing for pictures (much more than I was)! My plan for going to the ultra kitschy Lucha Libre Taco Shop was thwarted by too much publicity last week but we still managed to find some yummalicious Mexican food...and dessert for brunch after our Walk for the Cure. Kelley gave the most lovely pink ribbon lampwork worry stone to a survivor at the walk... A pair of chai lattes then ricotta berry lemon cake for me and a mountain of toasted coconut for Kelley... You'll have to stay tuned for pictures of the pretties she left with me.

Safe travels home Kelley... Hope you make it out this way again soon!
So now the question is, who's next? If you made it out this way what would YOU want to go do?


  1. Thank you! Thank you! for being such an absolutely fabulous tour guide and new face-to-face friend. I had a wonderful time and wish I lived closer :)

  2. awww I am so jealous! Do hope that I get to come to California some day- I'll be looking you up, you know how to be a great host!!
    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  3. I am so relieved that Kelley is not an axe murderer, because I do want to meet her one day.
    Sounds like you were the perfect hostess and live in a wonderful place to visit.

  4. The tidepools look amazing...I would love to see them in person some day! Sounds like a great time! I am relieved Kelley isn't an axe murderer as well since we will be meeting in person soon!! lol.

  5. Kelly's too cute to be an axe murderer--lucky for you. I'd love to see the tidepools and that lovely beach.

    I'm headed out there Feb 1st & 2nd with my husband who will be attending a conference both days. I'll be without a vehicle but planned to take the trolly route for sightseeing. Any suggestions for sightseeing, or other city transportation other than the trolly?

  6. Well, I was totally bummed that my plan to steal Kelley for part of Sunday didn't work out, but I'm so glad you guys had fun! I need to know where that beach is - looks like great tidepool action!

  7. I would want to see the treasures that the tourists don't get to know about and of course, the Local Bead Store!! I think seeing your studio would be amazingly cool, and since we don't have an Ocean view anywhere near here, that would be a must! lol

  8. So nice to get to meet in person! I am coveting your dessert!!! YUM!


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