Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to the BOC Open House!

Greetings! Thank you so much for stopping by to join me for a little visit during the Beads of Clay Open House event. Grab a cup of tea or coffee (this organic and sustainable brand was a recent lucky does have a kick!) and take a moment to spend a little time with me here in San Diego... With all the wonderful participants you'll want to bop around to each blog...especially when the giveaways begin but I hope you'll return later to spend a little bit of time browsing past posts if you're a new visitor!

A little bit about me and my work...I am ever so fortunate to be able to live in beautiful Southern California, not that I don't miss Canada where I grew up, but it's not hard to forget minus 40 degree winters once you get accustomed to the sun year round...ok mostly year round! We've had quite the stretch of rain recently which has meant an endless supply of towels by the front door for the pupper.

I work primarily in porcelain but mix in a little stoneware now and then. I do retail, wholesale and special order beads, pendants, cabs and buttons. You can take more of a peek at my work on my website and my clear-out items usually end up in my Etsy shop.

My latest venture is the Bead Show Travel website and blog. It's in the infancy stage but the goal is a one stop site for all the details about bead shows across the country. Please take a minute to stop by and bookmark the website and become a follower of the blog. (There will be a good reason to already be a blog follower in the near future...a little thank you for those already in the loop!).

As a thank you for those who take the time to stop by for the open house... I'm offering a super special 30% off open house discount for all purchases on my website through tomorrow, Monday the 25th when you use the code fallopenhouse in the coupon code box at checkout.

Now I know you need to go visit the other blogs in the open house but be sure to come back at 2:45 EST to enter my first giveaway (don't be a slowpoke, the entries are only open for 15 minutes!)


  1. Can't wait! Off to check out your new adventure! Puppers is soooo cute!

  2. i cannot believe that it has been a year already! looking forward to this afternoon and thank you so much for sharing your lovely self!

  3. You do such beautiful work! I love it!

  4. Hi, Melissa. It's nice to see you here again this year.


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