Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Open House Continues...

This is the BOC Open House segment that is supposed to be the peek into the artist's studio...I've shared pictures of my various work spaces in the past so I won't show the same things again. I will give you a (messy) picture of my baby kiln as I opened it this morning- I had to sneak in a quick firing of bead caps for an order. In lieu of studio shots I will share a couple of photos of my inspiration location, our place in Sedona, AZ... the beautiful red rocks... and a nice rusty javelina family (better than the real kind)!

How about a look at some new work? Recently in thinking about my bumpy pendants I decided to take that style and allow it to evolve into something a little more distinctive...I was playing with some Bali beads and thought...Hey, couldn't I do this on porcelain with my bumpy dots? I think it might just work! (for the record, the pieces are a total bugger to actually get into the kiln without breaking off all the little dotty see one set of bead caps here but there were half a dozen or more that didn't make it). I have some more plans for how they will continue to progress but I definitely need to contemplate how to move them before firing without busting them up).

What else is new? Ah...I learned that I have a necklace in the October issue of Bead Trends. I'm happy to say that the necklace didn't even make it back to me, it found a loving new home with one of the BT peeps!

I think that's enough for now considering that you need to get to all the other Open House blogs before the next giveaway. 4:00 EST will be giveaway #2...again just a 15 minute window to enter so don't pause for a nap!


  1. Love that bottom necklace! Wonderful and congratulations!

  2. Someday I want to see those red rocks in Sedona. You need to open up a B&B... bed and beads! Wouldn't that be the bomb? Congrats on the piece in BT finding a special home I loved it there. And I LOVE the new evolution of the bumpy... much more distinctive and so you!

  3. I love the ida of ceramic bead caps, I also think the way you fire your beads w/ nichrome & kiln legs is genius!!

  4. I know I'm late but I really enjoyed your blog tour! And Sedona! I love that place!!!

    You really make some wonderful beads & jewelry, congrats on the publication!

  5. Hi Melissa, Just getting to read your posts. Stopped by briefly during the event. Your work is lovely and thanks so for the piece you sent. Congrats on the necklace in BeadTrends. So elegant and classic at the same time. Where you live is gorgeous. I lived in Tucson many years when I was a kid. And went to camp near Sedona once. You are so lucky to be there. thanks so much for participating today.


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