Sunday, August 15, 2010

In Print...

I recently received the latest issue of Stringing with a beautiful feature of my porcelain bead caps in their "Beads to Buy" section. There are lots of lovely things to check out in the issue so check it out at the bookstore if you don't have a subscription!In website news...the bracelet bars that I feverishly listed last week have been flying out of the studio. Of course if I missed a pattern or glaze color that you had in mind (or you snoozed and it's already been snatched up) I'm always happy to make one specifically for you in my next firing. What do you think of my new packaging detail? You may recognize the pattern as my Bali pendant design...I like how the image is raised and glossy... Last but not least I promised that I would unveil my latest venture... Well, everything isn't up and complete like I wanted it to be for a true "unveiling" but I figured for those of you who have bothered to read to the end of the post, I'll give you a sneak peek! (yes, there are a couple of little glitches and the need for more content but it's mostly there and it is functional already) I've started a site with the intention of having a comprehensive listing of bead shows as well as the opportunity to book hotel and airfare right there. Cool right? I would love feedback on the site, the concept, the glitches (although I think I'm aware of most of those and they're in the fix it up queue!)... Anyhoo, the website is Bring on your constructive comments!


  1. have been a busy lady! Love the bead caps, congrats on the Stringing publication.
    Your new packing pouches are awesome...the Bali pendant imprint is a really nice representation of your creations.
    The web site is genius! Such a great idea. Will have an RSS feed for updates?

  2. Judy,
    An RSS feed is a brilliant idea- I'll definitely figure out how to add one! Thanks for all the lovely comments :)

  3. i love that packaging and congrats on the mag and the pieces flying out of the shop - that is a happy thing! the website is a genius idea - having all of that info available at one time is so valuable...

  4. I love your new website! Awesome idea. I was just showing my mom your other websites and now your new one. You got your game on, girl! :)

    How could I become a sponser on your website?


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