Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Food for Thought...

I've been reading lots of thought provoking blog posts recently...some on introspection and many on the balancing act of blogging and commenting.

Beth of Hint Jewelry has a wonderful post up today about uncovering the "dust bunnies" that are your underlying beliefs which could be influencing the way you choose to take action (or not!). I found it very thought provoking, especially when I put it into the context of the other blog posts/comments (here, here and here for example) that I've seen recently about acknowledging bloggers whose posts you visit.

I visit LOTS of blogs weekly, skim most and read a good handful thoroughly. All these posts together made me start to examine why I blog and what I want to achieve with it... I really started off blogging (January 2006, Wow!) solely for business purposes but in examining my "dust bunnies" I realize that I do this for other reasons now as well... I try to show new work, have gradually begun to share a bit more about myself/my life, and hopefully can entertain a bit sometimes as well. I've made some connections with others that have extended beyond blog comments...some have faded to the wayside and returned to comment exchanges and others have continued to develop. So what started as just business has turned into a way to connect with others- other jewelry and bead artists, ceramic peeps and my customers. That said, I comment on other blogs when I feel like I actually have something to contribute to the conversation, usually not just "I'm here". I find when blog posts are very inspirational I actually comment less... in shaking out the "dust bunny" responsible for that action I realize that it's because I don't consider myself to be an artist so to speak and feel that I can't measure up to the conversational exchange. Interesting isn't it when you start to peer into those corners under the bed?

For my own blog I adore comments of course and sometimes can't help but to judge the post/work quality by the validation from others in the form of comments. However, I don't want it to be a measure of my satisfaction with my work or posts so I need to continue to focus on the purpose of my blogging and not use it as a barometer of how much people like me or my work!

Now, to wrap it up with a look at a great bracelet by Candace of Ruby Tuesday Bead Company that uses one of my Jade Koi Bracelet Bars...Be sure to bookmark her website and check back, she's going to be offering beads online soon and she carries a huge selection of gorgeous pearls!

For me this has definitely been a wordy post and, in my opinion, much less superficial than my usual! What do you think, stick with the typical posts (new work, customer jewelry, critters and food) or expose the dust bunnies and give them a good shake?


  1. It is always nice to give the bunnies a little shake. Your words have described my feelings on blogging as well...I am not sure where it is going but I like where I have been.

  2. I often find it very difficult to put my thoughts in to words. I think it's mostly because I feel I might offend someone or be critized. I agree with the sentiments that you have expressed. Thanks!

  3. AMEN!!
    Great post- I look forward to more dust bunnies!! :)

  4. I like coming to a blog that isn't always trying to be inspirational or professional or long-winded just for the sake of being each of those things. I'd rather come and know that when I visit, I am getting YOU and how you were feeling that day without forcing yourself into some box that you don't want to be in.

    Superficial or dust bunnies deep, I'm good with it all. Nice to have an ebb and flow in blogs.

  5. i love this - thank you mellisa!

  6. Well, I like to shake the dust bunnies every now and again. I like the posts that get people talking and more than just an 'I'm here' sort of comment. I think that it is essential (for me) to strike a balance between pretty things and the deeper truths. I think you do that well.
    Enjoy the day!

  7. The second comment by Patti really sums it up for me. I love to hear how people are inspired, growing, doubting, or just living a creative life. I'm a very shy person and I've been blogging to aid the mending of my self esteem. Although, I am afraid to be my 'real' self when blogging. That also applies to my daily life. If a blogger dedicates one entry to their latest creation and shop inventory, it’s very rare that I would consider it to be superficial. I do read blogs to find new designs from artists I love. Especially the Etsy ones. =)

  8. Great post. I think you've summed it up perfectly. it's a good thing to think and talk about from time to time so that we don't skew away from our main goals.

  9. Thanks everyone, your comments definitely reinforce that it's important to do a little mental spring cleaning now and then!

    Since I’d much rather do blog posts that are like a good friend coming over to visit, someone who I don't have to clean up all the dog fur for (not “company” where I have to clean the house top to bottom and put out real napkins), most of my posts will probably continue to reflect that style. That said, now and then (as hubster described it) I'll throw in a "very special episode" of the Chinook blog :)


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