Monday, February 15, 2010

Looky Loo

See what my peeps can do!

I love to show off the gorgeous things that my pendants become in the hands of others. I've fallen behind on the eye candy for a few weeks so I have two lovely creations to show off. The first necklace is a knockout of copper and lampwork from Sharon at LiveWire Jewelry. It also made it into this month's issue of Bead Trends.The second is a lovely complementary color schemed necklace from Dana at Colors of the Woods. I love how the different shades of blue bring out the different shades in the pendant and the yellow gives such a nice little pop.
I have a nice big kiln of bisque firing today so hopefully I'll have some more to show soon. A single fire load to get a few custom items out ended up with fortunate success on those items but almost everything else needs to be re-fired. I haven't had a chance to put another layer of glaze on them since we made a quick trip out to Palm Springs for hubster to do his third 100 mild bike ride so far this year. I picked up an adorable ceramic bird sculpture (he has personality!) at a cute gallery shop...maybe I'll even get around to taking a picture of him!


  1. It is wonderful isn't it to see your pieces get used in such inspired and beautiful ways! Too bad about the once firing results. I've had minimal success that way. But I know potters who do all their work once fire. But good that your special orders came out.

    You know I love birds. So I'll be watching for your new aquisition.

  2. beautiful pieces created with your beautiful ceramics! yes, do show the bird!! :0)

  3. Wow, such beautiful pieces that showcase your ceramic pendants perfectly!

  4. What pretty necklaces showing off your gorgeous beads! You truly inspire others. :-)

  5. I really enjoy working with Chinook pendants! They are lovely and many people have commeneted on how unique they are. Thanks for including me in your blog again, Mellisa!


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