Monday, January 18, 2010

Two posts in a day...

and it's raining in Southern California?? Talk about crazy backwards day! Well I'm really not sure that this should even count as a post since it's going to be ridiculously short and won't even show any beady goods but I couldn't resist a little photo op for my latest fabric related venture...Seriously, aren't they just the cutest things ever? I had extra fabric from my other projects and loved the patterns so much I thought I'd try my hand at some ponytail holders. I tend to do ponytail Fridays...yes, totally so I don't have to get up quite as early and wash my hair- I figure if I pull it back in a cute and coordinated holder it cancels out the unwashedness!
Ok, that's all... and possibly too much information as well! :)


  1. Too cute...I love em! Now I just need some long hair!

  2. these are adorable! and i have long hair - may need one of these too! :0)

  3. I have pony tail Friday everyday! Although I do wash my hair but in the evening. These are very sweet.


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