Friday, November 27, 2009

After the Turkey...

I spent hours with Photoshop! I managed to get three glaze firings in this week, quite an accomplishment alongside a dentist visit for three fillings (yes, three!! I swear I don't eat bon bons and drink soda all day!), a 5 mile pre-Thanksgiving meal walk, cooking a full turkey dinner (well the pumpkin pie came from Costco but I did bake Ina Garten's Outrageous Brownies...mmmm), cranberry margaritas with the neighbors, and reading the latest James Patterson novel cover to cover (meh... not sure why I keep reading them). So, I have quite a few new things to show off including three new glazes. A big part of two of the firings was devoted to a custom order so there aren't as many headed to the website as you might think but I'm pretty sure there will still be lots for people to choose from!

Jade is a rich, lush bluey green that is just the color of rough jade stones I picked up at Jade Cove in Northern California on a road trip a few years ago (haven't named this pattern yet):
I'm loving these Bracelet Bars, they're gently curved rectangles that fit nicely across the top of a wrist. Here's one in the pattern Koi glazed in my new favorite, Moss, a speckled chartreuse.A Lattice patterned heart glazed in Jade: Bubbles charm glazed in Jade:
A pair of Bzzz charms glazed with Twilight (I have them in the innie and outie versions):Cup O'Joe charms glazed in Rootbeer (a slightly darker and more pumpkin shaded version of my Harvest glaze): Another new design in Rootbeer (the outie version of the first pattern that has no name yet):Drizzle charms glazed in Peacock:A Patina glazed Magnolia circle:
A heart in my new Lantern pattern glazed in Moss:Here's a Bracelet Bar glazed in Jade (no pattern name on this guy yet either): Well, that should be enough with the photos for tonight! Now I need to start adding them to the website... might take a while- as always, if there's something here that strikes your muse drop me a note and I'll hold it for you.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. i don't know where to begin... love them all... but i am really intrigued by your innie and outie versions - would be cool to use one of each in an earring design! (and i think i will)... and the drizzle pattern is so great... worth the wait, mellisa~ you will be hearing from me! :0)

  2. These are so pretty. What great textures. Have a lovely weekend,

  3. The new patterns are beautiful - can't wait to incorporate them into some pieces!

  4. Really great, Mellisa. Getting a good green is not always easy. A great glaze to accent your patterns!

  5. Three glaze firings, I am impressed! And your results are just lovely. I'm with Barbara on the greens. A nice one is not easy but yours are beautiful.

    I don't know why I read James Patterson either but I do. It's just so easy to get totally absorbed in his stories.

  6. wow, you've been a busy lady! I love all the new beads but especially like the jade glaze!

  7. beautiful pieces, love the textures and I adore the jade glaze. The slightly curved bracelet bar is also a great idea. Vicki

  8. MJ- I can definitely do that for you!
    Tammy, Lisa- Thank you, I really like how these textures turned out too!
    Barbara, LeeAn- Thanks for the green compliments! I don't know what it is but I always seem to end up with blues and greens!
    Alice, Vicki- The Jade glaze was a pleasant surprise, I really like it too! I need to whip up a bracelet or two with the bracelet bars, I have my eye on a couple in particular for myself if they don't get snatched up today!

  9. Love them all! I think that butterscotch one with no name is like a bunch of mini maracas!
    I love the magnolia very much.
    Enjoy the day!

  10. Anonymous8:09 AM

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  11. They turned out great! Love the little bees and coffee cups!

  12. Erin- Thanks! I was really happy with how the magnolia turned out, a little abstract but still floral :)

    Cindy- I do love my lattes! Next experiment will be accent colored bees and coffees...

  13. I'm LOVIN' that Jade color!!


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