Saturday, October 24, 2009

The studio...

or lack thereof!
Let's just say "the world is my studio", or more accurately, our entire home is my studio! I tend to spread things out so I can work on them where ever I may be at the moment. This translates to multiple dedicated locations around the house- a work desk for jewelry design and pendant scanning in the office, on a nice day it might mean glazing on the patio (yes that is a dog back end you see behind the sofa), a closet of beads and various supplies (also in the office), kilns (and storage of all ceramic supplies) in the garage,a work bench (for soldering, metal sawing, oxidizing) in the garage, glazing tray on the dining room table in the evenings (so I can "watch" tv or just be with hubster and the pup), The sofa where I sit with my laptop cropping pendant pictures and listing things on my website, and a drying slab of pendants in the kitchen (so I can run in during commercial breaks or between chapters of a book to obsessively pat the drying pendants down so they don't warp).I usually just work with the background noise of the tv, I tend to pretty much tune everything out while I'm working with clay so even that isn't necessary!

So that is the "studio" tour. Living in Southern California means no basement to convert into a studio and although I keep all my ceramic supplies in the garage (one that does not also house a car thank goodness!) I would never call it my studio as I usually move everything to where ever else I want to work that day. Someday I hope to have a dedicated space where I can have everything together, but I suspect that I would continue to work in the same way... all over the place!

Be sure to visit again at 3:00 EST (12:00 PST) to see the next giveaway! While you're waiting, why not swing by and check out my necklace auction post? I'm participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure next weekend- 100% of the proceeds from the auctions go to the Komen Breast Cancer charity.

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  1. No basements here on the east coast either! Thanks for the tour and I'm glad I could finally put a picture to the face, lovely lady! Good luck with sales today!

  2. Thanks for the sneak peek into your studio. It's nice to "meet" you:) I've heard the name of your shop before, but haven't really explored. I love your textures and colors, so vibrant! Beautiful work:)

  3. this is great! thanks for sharing...

  4. Love it Mellisa! Although I have a studio space, I do tend to move things around the house. The dining room table is only visible when we have company to dinner. The oven? You need to put the oven to use to dry things.


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