Friday, October 09, 2009

Art Bead Scene love

The wonderful and talented Heather of Humblebeads did a super nice feature on my pieces today on the Art Bead Scene blog!

Heather shows pictures from her always stunning sketchbook that incorporate my pendants and charms. Head on over and see her other sketches and also read carefully... there just *may* be a coupon code somewhere in the post!


  1. heather did do some beautiful sketches... i wish i were that organized! and i did see the coupon, yay! because i have a piece of paper in front of me that i have been going over for days, trying to coordinate certain shapes or colors together... your work is inspiring, thank you for continuing to share it!

  2. I saw Heather's blog entry and before I even read the words I thought "that looks like a 'Chinook' pendant!" She did a great job featuring your pieces - how I wish I could actually sketch out designs like that, but I have ZERO drawing ability. It's a good day if I can read my handwriting.


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