Sunday, September 13, 2009

No excuses

I have a full afternoon of clay on the docket and I'm looking forward to trying out my brand new splurge, a Gel Pro floor mat. For some reason I just don't like working on clay while I'm sitting down (glazing is a different story!) so it means hours of standing on a hard tile floor. I have been coveting this shmushy floor mat as I've heard that they really reduce leg and back fatigue. This will be the end of any reasons to stop work early if it's successful... We shall see the results today!

So I don't miss out on any work time, I will make this a super short post and just share another gorgeous creation that uses one of my pendants. This photo is courtesy of Gunilla - can you believe that this little pendant got to travel all the way to Finland to become part of this lovely necklace? It's so fun to know that my pendants end up in so many interesting places!

Have a wonderful end of the weekend!


  1. I hope the mat works for you! I hate that sore, awful feeling after standing on a hard floor all day...

  2. really great necklace - so cool how it is 'chunky' yet 'light'! an oxymoron but true! it has a lovely delicacy and is bold... cool... and do enjoy that mat! hope it makes your creating more pleasurable...m

  3. That necklace is gorgeous! Good luck with the new floor mat - hope it works for you!

  4. I just got your message on my blog. Thanks for the comment, and I can't wait to get goodies from you!! I am so excited! Hopefully I can get my creative juices flowing enough to do justice to your pieces. Thanks again!

  5. That is a beautiful necklace.
    I know what you mean about standing on hard floors. I stand on linoleum tiles at work and tile floors at home. And I wonder why my feet and back hurt all the time.
    Thank God for shoe supports and Chiropractors...

  6. Oh wow, that is gorgeous! You must be so proud!! :)

  7. What a beautiful necklace!

    Hope the mat works out for you. I know standing on a hard floor is so hard on your body.

    Good luck! :) And have fun!

  8. I've had a little time with the gel mat now and have to say that it's working out pretty well! I still end up with tired legs at the end of a marathon clay session but my feet definitely don't hurt as much at least.


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