Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Missing in Action...

(Maple earrings that I still need to put online despite their completion months ago...)

A few weeks ago this could have described my creative inspiration but now it's just referring to me! I love that I have made a few webfriends who emailed to check in on me after a few days of no blogging and absent email responses :) All is well and I was just off visiting family for a few days. It was quite a change having only a few minutes of internet access each day!(Peach earrings I still need to put online despite being finished months ago... sensing a theme here?)

I have been home for a day (which I spent at day job) and my parents will arrive this afternoon for a week long visit- so, just enough time to clean the house up, wash the pupper, and inflate the Aero bed! It's actually going to work out well since I didn't have much time to spend with them while I was back visiting as we had lots of details to take care of from my father in law's death in March.

On a completely different note (or rapid topic change) I'm quite excited that the final addition to my grown-up furniture purchases arrived yesterday. We had the same sofa, chair and dining room table for over 10 years and none were what I would describe as high quality furniture! We finally decided that we are adults and deserve furniture that doesn't look like it belongs in a dorm room. So now I have a lovely chocolate brown leather sofa and chair and a "real" dining room table in a rustic style with a beautiful espresso finish. Not to mention, after two years of moving in I now actually have something on the wall above the sofa! There are still many empty walls we haven't jumped into putting things up on but that will come...eventually...
Thank you to Maire who awarded a blog award to me while I was MIA! She posted a very thoughtful list of 5 things she loves and passed the task along to 10 other bloggers. My list might not be quite as introspective, I'm still on the sleepy side! Let's see... I better start by saying that I love my husband (and the pupper), especially since I recently discovered that he stalks my blog to find out what my "alter ego" is up to! I love the amazing things that I'm able to see in nature- the hummingbirds that visit my flowers each day, the squirrel that has started creeping across my patio, the hawks that were in the tree outside my bedroom window and so on. I love the feeling I get when I see a piece of jewelry someone has made with one of my pendants (even more so when it's in a publication)! Fortunately, I love my day job and get to be rewarded by it every day I work. Last, but certainly not least, I love the connections I've made with my jewelry and bead making webfriends :) I'm happy to say that I could easily continue this list for pages so I love that I have so many things I love! Oops, that's 6 things!

Now to reward those of you who were patient enough to read all this "blather" (to quote my father in law), a little contest, whoo hoo!! I have an extra copy of the August Bead Trends magazine and would love to send it to a good home. Rather than passing along the blog award that Maire gave me, since I'd probably end up hitting people who have already participated, leave a comment on this post with 5 things you love to be entered for a random drawing for the magazine. I'll give extra entries for blogging and/or tweeting about this giveaway too.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing what you love!


  1. Hi Melissa! I have the copy of the magazine, so don't enter me there...but just wanted to tell you how beautiful your lovely earrings are...very pretty!

  2. 5 things I love:
    I love my family.
    I love to sleep as long as I want.
    I love the way my cat attacks me when I walk by him and then rolls over on his back for a tummy rub.
    I love growing things in my garden.
    I love the feeling in the air when fall is around the corner.
    And...lots of other stuff, but those are the first 5 that came to mind!

  3. I don't need a copy of Bead Trends since I have it (if I win, pass it along to someone else).

    I love using art beads in my jewelry and helping to tell the story of the artist who created it.

    I love my husband for making me feel beautiful every single day.

    I love my kids and all their ups and downs. I love their shining moments and their frailties.

    I love to read a good book with a glass of wine in my bubble bath (but that rarely ever happens).

    I love a good massage (luckily that does happen quite a bit!).

    Enjoy the day!

  4. I've got extra copies of the mag, too, so no need to enter me, but I just wanted to say welcome back to the blogosphere and love the earrings - especially the first pair. Yummy color! Oh, and my inspiration is "missing in action," too. Do you think yours and mine are off playing hide and seek together just to drive us crazy?

  5. sooooooooo... you had the audacity to be busy and have a life?!! :o) the earrings are very very pretty! love your list... enjoy your visit with your parents...
    uh oh, the muses must be having a convention... i have been reading about this on a number of blogs! guess they deserve a bit of a summer break too - as we will count upon them for new cooler weather creations!

  6. 5 things I love:

    I love my husband :o)

    I love my 4 cats and 2 dogs and all of the love they have for their Mom and Dad.

    I love playing with my beads and how they can help me relax at the end of a long day.

    I love that my husband loves to travel, too...We love being able to get out and see the world.

    I love listening to Talbot (our half-tabby, half-Siamese) cat talk when he's playing - he's such a cutie-pie and a source of endless entertainment!

  7. Hhhmmm...
    I love my family (especially my niece and nephew.)
    I love to create things with my hands.
    I love to speak/read/listen/sing in Spanish.
    I love to dance.
    I love to watch prime-time t.v. shows (i.e. Fringe, Top Chef, So You Think You Can Dance)

  8. Five things I love:


    Oh, there's a lot more too--including winning a copy of the magazine!

    Be sure to take care of yourself during this busy time!


  9. Five things I love...

    my family
    my friends
    pretty, shiny things
    perfectly arched eyebrows
    and living in Hawaii

  10. Hi Melissa - I'm missing too, in a way, because I'm at the beach and hate typing on my laptop! 5 things I love - my kids, when my boyfriend empties the dishwasher spontaneously, without being asked, memories of my kitties, warm sun, making beads!

  11. I love my teenage daughter (even though she has been a typical teenager lately).
    I love my husband for letting me have a studio and make beads.
    I love making beads.
    I love hazelnut lattes.
    I love my garden.

    My Hubby
    My children
    My grandchildren ( I guess I should of said family)
    Sitting at the torch making beads
    My Garden

  13. 5 Things I Love
    my family
    my friends
    my work


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