Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's been a whirlwind the last few days, most of it involving cleaning and baking this: (all I'll say is Holy Cow Yum!) Although one would expect a triple layer cheesecake with a chocolate crust (and fresh whipped cream) to be the highlight of a week, it was far surpassed by having the chance to reconnect with a couple that we had lost contact with for several years.

We met them about 10 years ago while I was doing my Master's degree, they lived in the same apartment complex. After college they moved back to Orange County, only about an hour from where we live. Over the years we kept in touch and got together a few times. However, we moved a couple times, as did they, and at some point we couldn't track each other down. A few weeks ago my husband received a message on his Facebook page and lo and behold, we're all back in touch again! We had the most wonderful long lunch to catch up on the past 6 years since we last had a chance to hang out.

There are many people that I have been friends with at some point and have outgrown the friendship or we've just gone our separate ways but I have not regretted drifting apart. I'm so happy to have reconnected with this couple, they are people that I have truly missed seeing over the years. I always find it amazing that there are some people that you can not see for years but when you do, it's like no time has passed. I think that the loss of my father in law this year has made us become more appreciative of the need to stay close to good people in our lives. Needless to say, now that we're back in touch with this couple we're going to make sure that we put in the effort to see each other regularly! Something I'm also so grateful for is that I've been able to make connections with fabulous artists like Mary Jane of Maire Dodd. I feel like I have made some wonderful new friends through the blogging community. Just like my "in person" relationships, I need to make sure to set aside the time to keep conversations going with those artists. On that note, here's a little eye candy courtesy of Mary Jane using one of my Aurora Borealis Art Nouveau buff stoneware charms. I think the buff stoneware really warms up with the Vintaj brass.


  1. I hear ya!
    I had one of those internet poems come around(a few too many times, I might add) but it was a good basically said that you shouldn't mourn the loss of those friends who were in and out of your life...think of them more like angels...there when you needed them. You have 5th grade friends, and working behind a counter friends, and college drinking buddies...and then you have the true friends. But I do love to pick right up where we left off with some special people...and my newest luxury is making friends with artists of all sorts in a creative community. Artists like you! Thanks for sharing the great eye candy from Mary Jane...I love her work!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. thanks mellisa and erin - once again i have to say how much people like mellisa keep growing and trying different things... it's a pleasure to have your work integrated into mine!

  3. Erin- I was totally thinking of that poem when I typed this post! I've tried on too many occasions to resurrect friendships that had passed their prime so I think I've finally learned to let those go without regret.

    I agree, these artist connections are so rewarding!

    Maire- I love to think of all the places that little pieces of my work get to travel to! That's something that continues to keep me inspired and trying new things as well!

  4. Melissa, I happy for your reconnection with friends. It's wonderful when you find those that you can pick up with as if no time has passed, no apologies for the time that has passed. Blessings indeed. And I love Mary Jane's pieces.

  5. oh boy cheesecake is by far my favourite desert and that cheesecake looks fantastic! thanks a bunch for posting the website!

    I too have only recently reconnected with some old friends and it always amazes me how easily we can jut pick up again, feels like there was no break.

    Take care

  6. Sounds wonderful..both that yummy dessert and meeting up with your "old" friend! The bracelet featuring your ceramic is beautiful!!

  7. Sounds wonderful..both that yummy dessert and meeting up with your "old" friend! The bracelet featuring your ceramic is beautiful!!


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