Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Noticeably Nostalgic

I was so excited to open my email to this photo from Erin of Tesori Trovati Jewelry. She used one of my petal pink asian circle pendants with Vintaj filigree wrap. In her words, she added Vintaj chain segments interspersed with vintage Czech cathedral beads, brass filigree beads, gray freshwater potato pearls, golden shadow swarovski crystal bicones and finished it with a brass trigger clasp, a brass butterfly charm and a small gray pearl. I loved that she designed it with the filigree wrapping around the back so that the pendant can be worn facing forward or backward. Glazing the front and back of a pendant takes a bit more effort than just glazing one side, if it's only glazed on the front the pendant can sit on a kiln shelf during firing. However, if it's glazed on the back as well, the pendants need to hang in the kiln so they don't touch anything. I do it just because I like the uniformity of both sides being glazed, but I think it's wonderful when a designer takes advantage of that extra detail as well!

Erin also mentioned something that I thought was worth addressing here- that my pendants were thinner than she thought they could be and because of that she was worried about breaking it while wrapping it in the Vintaj filigree. Since my pendants are made from high fire clay, they're quite durable but my goal is definitely to make them as thin as possible without compromising their strength so they are lightweight. The only time I've broken them is when they've encountered a harder surface, i.e. pendant meets tile floor, pendant flies out of my hands on to cement, and so on. Treat them like you would a nice dinner plate or your favorite coffee mug and you should be fine! If you're wirewrapping or filigree wrapping, it's important to not put too much pressure against the edges and be careful not to slip with your pliers but you don't have to treat the pendants like they're made of eggshell!

Back to the glazing table so I have another batch ready to go in the kiln tomorrow- I'm aiming for three glaze firings this week so there should be plenty of new work on my website by next week!


  1. Hi Mellisa! What a sweet surprise to find my name mentioned on your blog. Thank you for showing my newest work.

    I appreciate that you took the time to make this thinner and that relief is so deep and intricate that the glaze pools in all the little crevices...thanks for taking time to glaze the back too (it really is quite lovely peeking out the filigree). Thanks for clarifying the strength part...I will still be ginger with them, but now I know that they are pretty hardy little baubles!

    You do marvelous work Mellisa! I am honored to have your work in my designs!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. What a gorgeous necklace!! I think this is a really great pairing, Erin and Mellisa- beautiful!!

  3. mellisa - 2 of the things that are brought to attention are just those things that i love about your pieces (there are more, naturally, but these are part of my list) - how thin they are while encompassing a delicate strength and how they are glazed on both sides... really gives them a special touch...
    erin, beautiful necklace... the intricacy of mellisa's patterns certainly agree with the use of the filigree...

  4. What a gorgeous necklace!!

  5. Mellisa, The necklace Erin made with your beautiful piece is lovely!! And I also love working with your creations, they are just perfect the way you make them.


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