Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th to Foodies!

I'm going to share my absolute favorite place to find new inspiration- food inspiration, that is! I love food blogs, the photography on some of these sites is just amazing. I think the color combinations can transfer to beads and jewelry as well. I know I'll be finding some good recipes for our BBQ tonight on TasteSpotting!

**********blogging interruption************

So much for getting my post done early in the day like I had planned! Just as I was getting on a roll, my husband called to tell me he was stranded with a flat bike tire so I hopped in the car to go rescue him. A detour to the bike shop (and grocery store) and an hour later, back to the blog! Since I think the blip in my blogging made me lose my typing momentum I will wrap this up with a picture of another necklace by Debbie at Prairie Emporium that uses one of my rectangular pendants as the focal. Gorgeous as usual Debbie!
Happy and safe 4th of July (and belated Canada Day)!


  1. Mellisa, Happy 4th. Thanks so much for blogging about the necklace, wish the photo was better. Your pendant is such a beautiful color. And I am for sure checking out the food blog.

  2. Hi Melissa...I missed commenting on the last post, and I abslutely looove those rings!! Happy 4th!!

  3. BTW, Debbie has done some gorgeous things with your pieces, including these!!

  4. Thanks Debbie and Sharon! Hope you both had a great holiday!

  5. Thanks for the foodie site...when not designing I am cooking...Can't wait to find something new to try....



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