Friday, July 31, 2009

Designer Showcase

Doesn't that sound all vintage "Wheel of Fortune"? Actually I wanted to show off a little more of Maire Dodd's beautiful work but you could buy a vowel and head over to Etsy to pick it up! I love the oxidized copper with these glazes (and you'll be happy to know that you can throw my ceramic pieces into liver of sulpher without damage-just don't make it a hot solution)I spent much longer than anticipated today looking (more like dazed, wandering in circles) for things at Home Depot. Although I must say that I was greeted enthusiastically by no fewer than a dozen employees which is a first, usually I can't find a free employee for the life of me! I did come up with a few ideas in my many aisle travels today, it will be interesting to see if I actually do any of them!

Now I have cheesecake brownies to bake and enough glazing to fill tomorrow's kiln load!


  1. That Marie knows how to work the colors! Thanks for the tip on the liver of sulphur. I have had more luck with a consistently hot solution though, so now I know that dunking your beauties would be a no-no!
    Enjoy the day...and yummy! Brownies!

  2. cheesecake brownies? that's lunch! thanks so much for this and for all of the custom work you did and beautiful work you do... my three little birds are perfect in every way... i also read that you can heat the actual piece of jewelry, maybe keep the ceramic out of this part and then use a slightly less hot solution... and thanks erin!

  3. Hi Erin,
    I usually use really hot los as well, but have found that I can use soup temperature and just wait a little longer. I just worry about thermal shock of tossing cool ceramic into something super hot (just like a plate). If the water is a temp that you could put your hand in and not need an ER trip then it should be fine!

  4. Yes, Maire does such enchanting work!


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