Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ceramic Landslide

I feel like I'm buried under a pile of pendants! It's amazing how many of these little suckers I managed to fire in the last two days. So expect lots of new items up on the website in the next day (it's going to take hours to clean up the pictures and post them up on my site though). I had a special request for some of my little sparrow pattern to be made into charms so here's a sneak peek of one in the smaller form. I think they're adorable! I haven't done any of my key pendants in a little while so I replenished my supply of those and also made a bunch of my window cut-out pendants. I aim to please so I made some loopy connectors in leaf, foam, patina and aurora borealis as requested in the comments from an earlier post. Finally, my experiment from the other day... It's a total departure from my other pendants but I love the bright colors, the pop and the geometric feel to them. They're super smooth and glossy which I also love. I'm happy to finally bring back my "Modern Art" collection of pendants, it's something I had a few years ago but I think I like these much better. However I know this style will probably appeal to a smaller group of people so I hope that they still get a positive response. I plan to play around with this style a little more so I have a good variety of color combinations.

I may do a bunch more glazing tonight and try to fit in one more glaze firing before the weekend. Of course that all depends on how long it takes me to edit and post all the photos! Any colors that I've been neglecting that you'd like to see more items in stock with?


  1. I love the little sparrow charm!

  2. I like the sparrow too. (Although at first glance I thought it was a rooster with the comb and the little dangly thingy on the bottom. LOL).
    And know you had me at hello. And I never did get one of your keys, now did I?
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Love the sparrow Melissa!!! And the loopy connectors are fantastic! I'll be watching that shop!

  4. Love the sparrow and the rings!

  5. Ok, sparrow (aka rooster!) appears to be the unanimous fave!

    Erin- I have LOTS of new keys about to go on the website... not that I intended to tempt you or anything!

    Loopy connectors should be on the website by tomorrow morning, I'll blog/tweet when they are.

  6. Love those loopy connectors!

  7. i really don't know what to say! am so excited about the sparrow - it's going to be perfect!! and i love the rest... have to add things to my order so will ship at same time!


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