Friday, April 17, 2009

Sedona trip

Apparently when people take trips it is expected that one would actually take photos of the destination rather than endless photos of their dog enjoying the hotel room. Sorry to shatter your expectations, I'm going to share photos of my dog enjoying the pampered life of luxury that is usually afforded only to purse size ankle snapping debutante owned dogs. (no offense to the owners of any size challenged "mini" canines)

As you can see, she didn't have any type of issue making herself comfortable in the new surroundings! Here she's pretending to sleep but really I know she was listening to us discuss how cute she is when she's "asleep". The room was perfect with a big grassy area off the patio that all the dog friendly rooms opened up to.

Let me just say that the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa (hello... spa? did someone say spa?) is just a lovely property (did I mention the wonderfulness of dog friendly rooms?) and it happens to be super close to the most awesome restaurant, Pizza Picasso (which I did not actually get to eat at on this trip...which made me a little grumpy...which I recovered from because we ate at the Wildflower Bread Company instead).

Tell me why I always forget to take a picture of my yummy food when I'm sitting on a beautiful outdoor patio and it's all colorful and great? My little camera was in my purse for Pete's sake!! The salad at Wildflower has lavender on it- it's the coolest thing, kind of a fragrant little yummy extra note that just makes it special (as long as there's not too much, if they're heavy handed with it you kind of feel like you're eating potpourri!). I had a roasted sweet potato sandwich that has marinated fennel and a fig spread with some greens and fresh mozzarella- YUM :)

Since I failed to take any red rock photos this trip (none, zip, nada), but that's partially because we usually take tons and it really was kind of rainy and overcast most of our visit, I will still leave you with a photo from a past visit that you can pretend was from this one! I love the ocotillo plants when they get all green and bloom with little red flames at the tip of the branches! If I would have taken pictures you would be looking at lots of them right now, all in bloom...ok, use your imaginations!


  1. Mellisa, your dog is adorable and mine are treated like kings as well!! I am sooo sooo jealous listening to you tell your vacation story!The food you ate sounds luscious, if only someone would cook for me like that! Always good to hear that you had a good time!!

  2. Isn't it great when you can find big dog freindly accomodation! We travel with our two 60+ pounders whenever we can and most of our photos end up being dog photos. Your big baby is gorgeous and looking mighty content. Cheers, LeAnn

  3. Hi Mellisa
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Oh how lucky you are to go on such a fun looking trip! Before kids we used to travel more with our size challenged pup (a shih tzu)too. That Wildflower Bread Co. looked like a yummy place...just my kind of thing. :-)

  4. Sharon and Cindy, yes super yummy food! I managed to resist buying a loaf of their bread (it helped that it was near the end of the day and there weren't as many choices) but let's just say it isn't unheard of that we would pick one up and finish it off that evening!

    LeAnn, one is tough enough, I can't imagine traveling with two! Our travel style has definitely changed since we adopted her!

  5. That is one happy dog!
    I love Sedona and I remember one time when we went there it rained soooo much.

  6. Yep, I have to say she was pretty content! You must have had perfect monsoon season timing for your Sedona trip- certain times of year, good grief, the sky just opens up on you! Of course then there are weeks of typical high desert weather, hot and dry!

  7. i'm so fond of your dog! both your dogs are adorable, i'm craving to caress them!

  8. What an adorable dog it looks so contented in your photos :)


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