Friday, February 27, 2009

Featured in Beading Daily!

What a great way to wake up this morning! I opened up my email to an email from Michelle Mach, the editor at Beading Daily and my email copy of today's Beading Daily free project. Lo and behold, Michelle had made this beautiful necklace as an extension of the Spring 2009 Stringing Magazine "under $25" challenge using my Aurora Borealis Sari Circle pendant.

I love how she put the little dangles over the pendant- I think it gives great movement and I like the layering of textures. The Aurora Borealis glaze is kind of iridescent and has interesting variations of green and metallic shades which works really well with all sorts of gemstones (among other materials!).

If you're inspired by Michelle's project, send me a photo of your creation. I'll feature it here and give you some props!


  1. Congrats, Mellisa! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to.

  2. I just got the email from Beading Daily and saw the feature! I love that pendant!!!


    If you ever do a fern theme (similar to a fossil), I am definitely interested as I love to make nature themed jewelry.

  3. Hi Dana,
    I have these (and a coleus) from real leaves- or are you thinking of an imprinted pattern instead?

  4. I just came back on to tell you never mind...I just found some! I ended up buying the Leaf Fern Circle and the Deep Coral Fern Square.

    I can't wait to make some jewelry with them!

    To answer your question though...I'd love to see some imprinted if you ever make some. I used to find fern fossils on my grandfather's land when I was a kid. The biggest complete one was around two feet long.

  5. I finished one of my necklaces using the square fern pendant. I'm emailing you the photo. I am pretty proud of it.


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