Friday, January 30, 2009

If you're in snow...sorry

The apology is just in case my husband checks the blog- poor guy is back in the frosty north and trying to single-handedly empty out the home his parents have lived in for 40 years. The weather there is just to add insult to injury! Meanwhile, I am enjoying Santa Ana weather which means unseasonably warm breezes and lovely dog walking evenings.

The beady stuff... I'm frantically trying to get a bunch of items ready to put in the kiln tomorrow so this will be pathetically short. Check back by the end of the weekend- I will have an opportunity for a fun contest!


  1. I love that doorway photo! Wish it were bigger! (The photo, not the door)

  2. Your wish is my command Lori! I took the photo on a trip to Puerta Vallarta- so many awesome gates and doors there. I'll post more of them in the future!


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