Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hearts and Glazes

Some new designs and a new(ish) glaze to show off today. A big batch came out of the kiln a few days ago and I've been slow posting them to the website! There were so many that I feel like I have the start of carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the photoshop cropping and image cleaning just to get them ready to post! So the shape above is my new heart cut-out style, I have it available with the cut-out and hole centered or offset.
This is my newest glaze- I *think* it will be consistent enough to join the line up. I still need to come up with a good name for it though.... It reminds me of the good old Crayola "flesh" which wasn't an appealing name for crayons and I don't think is any better for ceramic! Any better suggestions?
I'm definitely liking my new flower loop pendants, they're chunky without being too big and I felt like I needed some more variety from the mostly flat pendants I offer. The one above is MINE, all MINE! (there's one with a single loop here)I don't usually hold back goodies from the kiln for myself but I have something in mind for this particular one. I do have the design in a top loop style in a couple of glaze colors from the last kiln-load so it's not that I'm completely holding out!

Once I get the feeling back in my right hand : ) I'll start adding things to the website-I'll have them up in time to qualify for my free shipping offer that continues through December 7th.


  1. New color name...apricot?
    Actually it looks like a tough color to name. I like the new designs, especially the heart.

  2. Thanks! I like the heart too and I'm not usually a "heart person". The new glaze is a little more pinkish than apricot, Tea Rose? Or does that sound too frumpy dumpy? I have another glaze that's a true apricot but it's a pain so I don't use it often!

  3. They are really pretty. I especially like the blue flower. The fleshy one :) reminds me of a clay color. At the moment I can't think of anything that sounds good.

  4. i love that heart


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