Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here's a blog entry I suspect I will not have the opportunity to repeat... I thought that this was something so flattering that I had to share it! I have recently begun posting images of my ceramic pendants on an online art website called DeviantArt (not as nefarious as it sounds!). In fact, the Beads of Clay group now has a presence there as well showcasing quite a few ceramic artists.
Anyway, I received an email from a DeviantArt member, Cyrella asking my permission to use one of my keyhole pendants as the inspiration for her new tattoo! She was kind enough to email some photos of the finished product (as well as one of her receiving the tattoo which I didn't post in case any of you are needle phobic). I think this is just so great, I love the interesting connections I have had the opportunity to make online.
Now back to the kiln, I have several new glazes that I am testing. Expect to see a few new designs and some gorgeous colors in the next week!

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