Sunday, May 28, 2006

Haven't had a chance to update the blog/site lately since I'm hard at work preparing for the Bead and Button Show (the biggest bead show in the country)

I'll be sending beads, pendants and buttons (many which do double duty as great bracelet or necklace clasps) to the show with my friend Tia of RAMA Raku. If you're off to the show be sure to stop by her table #935 "Emerald's Raku Beads" and check out my tray of goodies!

This has meant that I've had to go into full production mode and have been running my kiln and glazing like crazy! I'm still not sure if I have enough stock for the show as this will be my first time. No matter what, hopefully there will be nothing left to return to me after the show. Wish me luck!

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