Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Check it out...

So if you didn't get to wander over to my blog partners' blogs yesterday I have a peek of their creations to show you today.  Follow the links to their blogs to see more photos and a description of their design thoughts...

Patty started off with a beachy combination that mixed some pretty little charms and sari silk...

Cilla threw tangerine ribbon into the mix for her bracelet...

Hope busted out of her comfort zone with a mix of fun fibers...

and Linda mixed a little golden glow in with her frosty focal.

The thing that just blew me away (beyond the amazing talent and designs these lovely ladies showed off) was that they all incorporated fiber into their pieces!  Didn't they do a great job?

What about you?  How would you work one of these buttons into a design?  Or would you do something other than jewelry with it? 


  1. Thanks for sharing all our designs! It was a pleasure to work with your gorgeous ceramic button, Mellisa

  2. I was looking for the same from past many days. Glad to read this blog pot. Keep writing for the same.


  4. Love what patty made but they are all beautiful. I love buttons snd have an insane collection

  5. Very nice piece in blue which is also a very popular and my favourite colour for a casual look...love the silk bit as an element here...nice idea.

  6. Your work is very creative


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