Wednesday, December 01, 2010

When Things go Terribly Wrong...

you begin the blog post with lovely eye candy. Or at least this is the approach that I'm choosing to take today...which may be misconstrued as denial but really should just be interpreted as avoidance. This lovely bracelet is by Shannon of For My Sweet Daughter. I love how she echoed the colors in this Robin's Egg Abstract Butterfly pendant but I also think the design is great...not too fussy but enough little details to be special.
In further delay of my traumatic story of gore I will let you know that I have added a whole bunch of new pendants, beads and caps to the website. Look, aren't they shiny and pretty? But there were a few dud pendants that curved on me because of rushing...I thought the glaze turned out great though so I hate to just scrap them...anyone interested in a giveaway of slightly wonky curved pendants? If there's enough interest I'll do a giveaway next post.

So for those of you who are squeamish or just don't want to hear my whiny tale of woe, stop reading here, leave me a comment that you do/don't want wonky curved pendants, and check back on the next post...

I'll wait...

Ok, all heebie jeebie prone sensitive souls gone? (don't worry, no photos for this segment)

What a day yesterday! Mid-way through my morning I feel a little something moving around the back of my upper molar. At first I thought it was just a piece of granola bar or something but then realized it was much too large and it "kind of" hurt. So I finally realized that part of my tooth had broken and called my dentist. They got me in near the end of the day and told me that it was completely crazy that a chunk of my tooth would completely shear away when there wasn't decay present. What can I say, I don't do things halfway...if you're going to be a tooth grinder you might as well create nice deep molar fractures while you're at it!

The dentist pulled out the broken chunk **gore alert** which had pieces of pulp attached from the root. Since the root was hit and the break went all the way below the gum line I had two choices…root canal, gum surgery which might have to include some bone removal, and a cap or pull the tooth and decide after it heals if I want to proceed with a dental implant.

After some discussion between both dentists in the office (husband and wife team) we decided it was best to pull it, but since the root was exposed they figured I was going to be in terrible pain until it was pulled... so they called the oral surgeon who said his next opening wasn't until today at 3:30! The dentist called him back and apparently did some sweet talking (the wife, not the husband)... the surgeon called his babysitter to stay late and I had to zip across town to his office asap.

End result... numb face, hole in the mouth and prescriptions for super strength ibuprofen and percocet. I was foolishly optimistic that I'd be back to "normal" today but it still hurts too much to eat or talk so I'm benched for at least another day or two. Most frustrating for me, unproductive time as it's just too darn uncomfortable to move much.

Wow, thanks to any of you who decided to stick it out with me to the end of the post! The moral of this story...ok, there's no moral but at least I can say that I'm very thankful this didn't happen while I was eating and drinking my way through Napa and Sonoma!

Next post...something uplifting when I'm no longer medicated :)


  1. Doing a giveaway sound like a fun idea! I like using things that are sometimes imperfect to someones eye, because they may look perfect to the person buying or wearing it! Don't waste them, share them :)

  2. Oh please do a give away, it would be fun. Sorry about your poor tooth. I have done everything I can to keep mine in some kind of good shape. Its an never ending battle. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Owwie! How terrible! I am glad that you have some medicine to comfort you.
    If it will make you feel any better I vote for a giveaway. My very favorite thing in all the world are wonky beads and orphans. Bring 'em on!

    P.S. I will be posting on Friday for my Challenge of Color blog hop and one of my pieces features YOUR pendant! Hop on over on Friday to see!

  4. Ouch! My teeth are hurting in sympathy! Hoping you feel better soon.

  5. OMG! I'm a grinder too! Nearly all of my back teeth are crowns ... wait, I think they all might be. The only thing of value on my body is my teeth ... it certainly isn't my brain. It's a terrible feeling when you break a tooth ... you are eating and feel something hard that shouldn't be floating around in your mouth, you manage to spit it out along with a mouthful of food and ... aha! ... it's part of your tooth. Instant adrenaline rush! Take care, and give in to some relaxation. What you went through was traumatic ... rest. Prayers for your speedy recovery.

  6. I think a giveaway is a great idea but then who doesn't like winning things?
    Thanks SO much for showing off my bracelet on your blog. I am glad you liked it. I have been having so much fun playing with the pieces I bought from your store and I cannot wait to buy more. I am a bead addict you know ;-)
    Shannon C

  7. mellisa - i am so sorry about all of this - and here, in the midst of your trauma and pain you have to make me laugh? seriously... nothing gets me like a good dose of sarcasm... i am a grinder too and now wondering what i am doing to myself...
    anyway, this is about you... there is nothing you can do about this 'unproductive time' except do what you need to do - rest and let your body heal... that is productive... and will get you better and back to your usual busy self...
    take care - and i am sorry... don't you dread when you get those curve balls thrown your way?

  8. Ouch! Hope you feel better! And you should do a giveaway with the wonky pendants. I usually give all my seconds to my mom who uses them in her card-making. I hate to see a mostly decent bead go to waste, lol!

  9. Ouch,sorry to hear about your incident.
    i'm a teeth clencher..had my first crown from a similar,though not anywhere as traumatic event.
    thank goodness you were able to get it handled immediately.
    Giveaway sounds fun.

  10. You poor possum. I completely sympathize. All of my bottom molars are gone for exactly the same reason you lost yours. It's a miserable experience but you will be over it soon.

  11. I am a fellow tooth grinder and now wishing I knew where my mouth guard thing is and that it still fit right. I'm so sorry this has you out of commission this week. :(

  12. Aaaack! I've had my own dental horror stories so I can totally relate, but sorry this happened to you.

    If it helps - the beads are beautiful!

  13. thebearwoman2004@yahoo.com10:52 AM

    I love give-a-ways! I don't even mind things that you don't like - I always find a use for them!

    I'm sympathizing with you and your dental issues. Having survived jaw surgery and many other dental procedures, the gory details are nothing but familiar to me!!! Hope you are soon better - eat yogurt, ice cream, broth, stuff like that and you should be good to go!!!

  14. Oh no, you poor dear, what a terrible time you've had with that tooth! I hope it gets better quickly so you can enjoy the holidays and such. By the way, I'm a grinder too, and a jaw clencher as well. Nothing good can come from that, I know, but I can't help it.

    Wonky or not, your beads are lovely. I vote yes on the giveaway.

  15. OMG!!! I have a cap in my future and I am totally into avoidance about it.

    A giveaway would be a great idea. Don't be a martyr with the pain. Take care of yourself.


  16. Anonymous5:43 AM

    I can't think of anything worse than having a tooth ache. The pain is so terrible that it can consume you. I do hope that your well on your way to recovery. On another note, the bracelet is very pretty. Simple yet elegant. Thanks for sharing.

  17. OH NO!!! There is nothing worse then tooth trouble. I was eating a stupid donut once - youi know the rally squishy soft Krispy Kreme type? I thought I jhad bitten into something in the donut - oh no I had bitten into my own tooth chip! ACK ! I had to warn everyone to look away from me or turn to salt...sigh. Feel better!

  18. Sandra1:18 PM

    Please count me in! I hope you are feeling better.



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