Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New stuff

A quick picture filled post today... I haven't done many of my circle cut out pendants lately so I thought I'd throw a few in my last kiln load. They work great for pendants, connectors or as closures/toggle loops. Most are double sided just for kicks.
I ended up with lots of wackadoo glaze results in my experiments- I don't usually use underglazes but I decided to play around a bit with them. I ended up with all sorts of different colors that I didn't expect from my combinations. So, the moral of the story is to actually keep notes on what you do!
I really like the raised detail on these guys though, definitely something to continue playing with. They're more work but I think they're fun and they have such neat texture to the touch.
I like this checkerboard in theory but the execution wasn't quite what I wanted. So I'll be trying this idea again. This pendant did some wacky warpy things and has a wicked curve to it.
Last but not least, the one I like best of the bunch... This is actually headed to the lucky winner of the Art Bead Scene challenge for May. I think the colors totally fit with the theme of Monet's Waterlilies and it has a really organic (kelp?) feel I think. Now if only I can figure out what combination gave me these gorgeous colors!


  1. Melissa, they are all adorable, but the bottom one is spectacular!!
    I better get busy with that challenge!

  2. Mellisa, Cool new stuff!!! I like all but especially the last one, its a great color.

  3. Love the pendants, you do beautiful work :). Thank you for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed my post If you give a cat tuna fish, lol. Still cracks me up.
    Nana is so beautiful. She looks very peaceful.

  4. Thanks everyone! If you hop over to ABS you can see a picture of the other side of the bottom pendant as well :)

  5. Great stuff Melissa. This happens to me all of the time. I think I'll remember what piece was done in a particular way. And poof the method is gone when it comes out of the kiln.

  6. Melissa
    Your new pendants are so pretty! I sure hope I can squeeze in some time to create something for this month's ABS challenge...that new piece of yours is a great motivator! Your piece will be a wonderful prize to a lucky winner. Also, I enjoyed that link to the artist who sketched your cute pup in your last post!

  7. Thanks Cindy! I'm just about to post a few more pics of some of my "experiments". Glad you swung by Leanne's site too- I think she's such a talented artist!


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