Blog Partners

I'm currently not accepting new blog partners for the random drawings, however I will be stocking the challenge items on my website for anyone to play along with the challenge.  Even if you aren't chosen in a drawing, please join us by linking up, emailing me pictures of your creations and blog about your design process on the reveal date!
For current blog partners:
Participants need to have the blog partner button code from my sidebar in a visible place near the top part of their blog home page, i.e. not at the bottom where you have to scroll down for 10 minutes to find it : )

When it's time for the blog partner challenge, I’ll randomly draw some names from the list below (number of participants for the month will just depend on what type of components I'm offering up...if I have plenty of stock on hand I'll draw more names).  Those people will receive something to create with and do a blog post showing off their work.  Other than not being able to win two months in a row, you’re eligible every time. 

The only real rules are that if you're selected you need to blog about what you make by the deadline (usually the 15th of the month) and in order to remain on the list, the blog button needs to remain on your blog. 

Please respect that I offer this partner program for mutually beneficial reasons, you get free components and promotion of your work and I (hopefully) receive some traffic from the blog partner button being up on your blog.  It is very disheartening to draw someone's name only to discover that they don't have the blog partner button up or have it posted at the very bottom of their blog where it is never seen.  I reserve the right to remove blog partners from the program if I find that they do not have the blog button linked up per the instructions above or if they fail to blog about their components at the designated time.

If your name is drawn and you're not sure you'll be able to meet the commitment of blogging about your design that month, just send me an email before I send out the components and I'll draw an alternate name that month and bump you to the following month.